Are realtors responsible for gentrification? Co-op Sudents at The Golfi Team – Sep 22 2018

September 22, 2018
The Hamilton and Niagara Real Estate Show | The Golfi Team Remax


Rick Zamperin starts off by saying the definition of gentrification, “It is the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle class taste”. Rick Zamperin got a tweet from an individual asking “why aren’t Real Estate Agents being raked over the coals for gentrification and displacement”. Rick Zamperin responded to this tweet by saying, “I’m interested to hear or take on what role Real Estate Agents take in gentrification”. The individual responded, “They help drive prices up, and it’s a totally closed process “. Rick Zamperin tweeted back saying “I’m not sure how it’s a closed process, because anyone can put an offer in on a home. As for Driving up prices, Realtors try to get the best price for their client but they’re also at the whim of what the market can bare”. Again this tweeter Fires back saying “there are tons of problems, the most obvious is that the buyer’s agent has the incentive to make more money if a buyer pays more. Additionally if buyers lose they get zero, so convincing a buyer to bid to the limits they can afford helps the agent. Rick Zamperin responds to try and cut off the rope, “neither of us is going to change our thought process, but I’m glad you took the time to share your views. Debating issues is never a bad thing”. Rick Zamperin asked Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi, what their thoughts were on gentrification. Rob said that if he got his tweet he would’ve deleted that tweet because gentrification is a word that the general population would not use. Phil said that he and Rick were both tagged on this tweet. He didn’t know what the individual was asking. Rob said that this was obviously an educated person, but didn’t know why he or she would use this word that the general population would not know. Rob thinks that this individual was just trying to impress us. Rob says “Realtors have nothing to do with the value going up; it’s the consumers that are looking for a house to move into. It’s actually the government that is slowing things down for the builders; if the builders could build more they would but the process with the city and the Ontario government make it slow for them. What happens now is that there’s an abundancy of buyers in the market place, so either they buy new or buy resale, now this creates a bigger demand on less inventory which creates high prices.” Therefore it’s not the Realtors fault because they don’t hold the inventory; they are just the middle person, which negotiates the deal for the client. Phil says that the market determines the price of the house. Rob said that this individual should’ve sent this tweet to the Ontario government.

There was a special guest today on the show named Brandon Vicente. He is a Grade 12 co-op student from St. Jean de Brebuf Secondary School. Brandon Vicente has joined the Remax Golfi Team for one semester. The Golfi Team is really excited to have him. He will be helping out with social media, answering some phone calls, and some client relationship stuff. Phil Golfi asks Brandon “what are your plans in the future and where do you see yourself next year”. Brandon responded saying “next year I’m going to be graduating high school and will be attending college to probably take marketing and sales. I’m not really sure but that’s why I’m here with you guys, so that you guys can teach me what to do”. Rick Zamperin asks Brandon “do have any aspirations of becoming a Real Estate Agent or do you want do get as much information as you can”. Brandon said “yes I would like to get as much information as I can and yes I would like to become a Real Estate Agent when I’m older”. Some tips that Rob had for Brandon was to be honest and treat people fairly.  Rob said “You will be a great agent if you are good to your clients, do not think about your pocket book, think about what they’re going to get into. Treat them as you would want to be treated “. Phil Golfi also gave Brandon some tips for him to become a successful Real Estate Agent. He told Brandon to focus on himself and on building his business. Phil said “Every single day just try and develop your business and never give up”.



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